New App.... ArcanaCard!

ArcanaCard helps you build or play special QRCode based games. ArcanaCard is not a game by itself, but a tool for building or playing games.

You use ArcanaCard to mint locked-messages and keys as a set, ie. other keys won't work with other locked-messages. All locked-messages require two or more keys to function but you decide on the exact number when you mint the set. Additionally, any lock or key can be imprinted with unlocked text that can be used in support of different gameplay mechanics, ie. clues for where other keys may be located. Your locked-messages and keys can be used in a tabletop game using Android or printed QRCodes.

As a demonstration game-mechanic, the app includes quotes from Shakespeare plays and Jules Verne and Beatrix Potter stories that can be used to play 'guess which play' or 'guess which book' kinds of games; see if you can guess which play or book from the clues on your keys before you scan enough keys to unlock the name of the work. Feel free to make your own game-mechanic - a scavenger hunt for instance.

ArcanaCard also requires a scanner application to use your device's camera to read QRCodes; Google Goggles and ZXing have both been tested and work. Others may as well. Some devices have more difficulty with scanning than others, due to lack of a flash/light or the lack of a focusing element.

The free version of this app is limited to 7 keys, 7 locks and 63 character limits on messages and clues.

You can download ArcanaCard for android at

ArcanaCard News

Link: Use duplicate keys to make a larger scavenger hunt


  1. Sorry about the delay. If you are not in Canada or USA you may have trouble downloading this app as it contains crypto and I need to restrict it's distribution as per Google Play licensing.